What is Homeowners Insurance?

Protect your home.

We offer a wide variety of insurance companies. Competitive pricing with discounts like Advanced quote, Age of Insured, New Home, Safe Driver, Payment Plans, as well as Multi-policy. Our superior claims service ensures you will be contacted promptly after reporting a loss.

Homeowners Insurance

There are different types of insurance policies that can cover your home and property.  They range from basic to those that will provide comprehensive ranges of home protection.  Not all policies are created equal and you should trust a professional independent agent like those at Old Dominion Insurance to help you choose what is right for your needs and goals.

Why choose Old Dominion Insurance?

Old Dominion Insurance was created in 2009 when current owner Gil Ragland purchased the Gretna Insurance Agency. Old Dominion is an independent insurance agency offering multiple insurance companies to cater to your specific insurance needs. The competitive prices and excellent customer service has named Old Dominion the best insurance agency for the last 8 years.